Bremen, Germany

We were taken on a tour of the city of Bremen by our fantastic host. Bremen is the home of Beck’s beer and has really old architecture!


3 responses to “Bremen, Germany”

  1. Mona Lisa # 2 [Mom] says:

    Cool Architecture and beautiful rotodendrums!

  2. Manfred & Doerte says:

    Hey hey Gary and Mike,

    thank you for your very extremely unusual excellent photos. Some of them reopened my eyes for the graffiti in Bremen again.
    We follow your trip with warm interest.
    Heading your way!

    Warm regards
    Manfred & Doerte

  3. Hayley says:

    I went to Bremen a couple summers ago with Carla, she lives in a little village just outside of it. Apparently I need to go again though it looks like I missed a lot we spent too much time in Das Schnoor : )

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