Travel from Stow to Doune, Scotland

Our journey from Stow to Doune, Scotland. Checked out the Forth Bridge on the Firth river.

3 responses to “Travel from Stow to Doune, Scotland”

  1. K.L.(Keverama) McMahon says:

    That’s Chinese beer! Thanks for the pics of the Firth of Forth bridges – it’s an awesome cantilever span! Did you get a chance to try HAGIS??

  2. Gary says:

    NO hagis…but we did have Fish and Chips “English style” in Glasgow. Oh yeah, we’re in Paris now and I saw Napoleons tomb today, now THAT is a religious experience if I ever had one. Home on Friday :-))

  3. K.L.(Keverama) McMahon says:

    Glad that you are wrapping up the trip with some Paris historical stuff. Hey – thanks for putting our NS trip on the official calendar. We will hook up with y’all on Monday or Tuesday. (BTW – we are currently baby-sitting Scott during his Montreal “Cold Play’ trip.)

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