Florence, Italy

We spent two days in Florence at the Hotel Garden (50 euros a night), checked out Academia (for David of course), and toured around the city to see what it’s all about.

Florence was really nice, there were so many shops for leather, wine, meat, cheese, bread, and all the other fine italian specialties. The architecture, like sights from the rest of our trip, are very old and beautiful in their rugged state. The touristy Market bridge was pretty cool, there were jewelery shops all along it with expensive gold and silver pieces. The highlight of Florence was definitely viewing the David statue. The size and details were amazing! Too bad I didn’t get a very good photo of it, Dad actually did but it’s on his video camera. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

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  1. K.L.(Kev) McMahon says:

    Another post from me… nice montage of Florence. MIKE – it’s a great idea to include photos of the area maps. It helps me plot your trip on my big wall map!

  2. Annabelle says:

    Yea – a front view of David (finally)

  3. Mona Lisa # 2 [Mom] says:

    Ahhh, The statue of David. My favourite. Did you notice how “big” his hands were in comparison to the rest of his body? I’m sure you all noticed! Annabelle, I know you noticed!

  4. Annabelle says:

    Hey, Mona Lisa #2, you know what they say about “big” hands.

  5. Gary says:

    As an FYI the bridge with the shops is called “Ponte Vecchio”…

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